Maxime Meilland under fire: “Oh, that holy grail of breast milk, isn’t it…” | Columns and view

Maxime Meilland under fire: “Oh, that holy grail of breast milk, isn’t it…” |  Columns and view

I get Maxim. I am now six months pregnant, and I wave every now and then at the liquor store in our village as I walk past it. I always miss the post “Now I have red wine, it will make you really happy!” More than I thought before. Or the moment I was cooking, my friend kissed me and asked, “Shall I pour you a glass of wine?”

evening person

Cheese boards with port. Long evenings with friends and family and then a table full of empty bottles: I can’t wait for the weather to allow. I don’t drink a drop at the moment and also effortlessly. Don’t shake hands or get cranky when I see our wine rack. It’s basically the fun that I miss. My pregnancy made me so tired that I fell asleep on the sofa sometime around 9pm. I would consider myself a really evening person.


I have completely lost myself for half a year now. I know them, women who want to get pregnant all their lives, that’s how they feel good. You might think differently now that we hope to have our fourth child at the end of this year, but I think it’s awful. I mean to be pregnant. I love Broken Nights, hundreds of nappies and fruit snacks on the ceiling. But the journey there is a struggle for me.

full time

The list of diseases is endless. When I see myself in the mirror I see another woman. to breastfeed? I shouldn’t have thought about it. Just the thought of cracked nipples, chest infections, wet spots in your shirt, having to serve food on demand (and then also in public or having to find a place for yourself somewhere) gives me a shiver. It doesn’t suit me at all. I work full time and as a freelancer, I don’t have the luxury of 16 weeks of maternity leave. Ah, I don’t want to do that at all, 16 weeks of doing nothing. Let me be myself again and then without having to hold my baby every few hours.

bad mom

And yes, I think it would be very nice to have a glass of wine again. I can choose the spicy dishes at Toko as our favourite. And that I can cook with the ingredients I want. It’s great that you have raised the bar for nursing to the ideal level. But stop looking at women who go on to breastfeed for any reason. We do not give our children cola, energy drink or rat poison, but an almost perfectly developed formula. I’ve raised three kids with her and they’re doing an amazing job. Breastfeeding does not make you, I repeat, a bad mother.

No woman should justify herself in this matter. Not for your friends. Not for your man. Not for an obstetrician or maternity assistant. Not for your mother or mother-in-law and certainly not for “people on social media”. “I don’t feel that breastfeeding” is more than enough. A child does no good to a mother who, for whatever reason, is chomping or feeling miserable at a choice that was not intrinsically hers.

Not lighthearted

It’s 2021. Women have a choice, so be it. I have yet to see how many men have chosen to breastfeed after nine months of pregnancy. WHO can tell me more With all the advice, we shouldn’t think lightly about six months of breastfeeding. Lots of women don’t do this for a while. And they don’t do this at all if they have a difficult pregnancy or if the birth is difficult. Whatever your reason for not doing it, it’s all good. Anyone who says otherwise can support me. You too, Facebook Gerda.

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