The Asylum Reception Distribution Law has not yet been implemented

The Asylum Reception Distribution Law has not yet been implemented
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The law allowing municipalities to be forced to take in asylum seekers, if necessary, may not have expired yet.

Although it previously appeared that the bill would be declared controversial, there appears to be a majority in the House of Representatives to discuss the plans before parliamentary elections on November 22. The CDA and SP still want to debate the bill, which means a majority in the debate is in sight.

It seemed that the law was no longer on the table after the fall of the government, when the party withdrew its support for it due to the cancellation of measures to limit the flow as well. Outgoing State Minister Van der Burgh said after the fall of the government that he no longer relied on the law.

This should lead to a more equitable distribution of asylum seekers across municipalities. The plan is for municipalities that receive a higher number of asylum seekers to receive additional funds. If municipalities do not do anything in this area, the government can force them to accept asylum seekers by law.

The House Justice and Security Committee will decide tomorrow whether the law will be discussed in the near future.

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