Roxanne misses mother Rachel on appeal: ‘I refuse to feed the lies’ | Displays

Roxanne misses mother Rachel on appeal: 'I refuse to feed the lies' |  Displays

Roxanne Hazes will not be present on Wednesday at her mother Rachel’s appeal over a dispute with two former business partners and her daughter. The singer said in a statement at the beginning of the hearing that the judge’s previous ruling showed that “it is clear that nothing wrong occurred.”

“Unfortunately, my mother appealed. “She still wants a preliminary witness hearing with questions she already knows the answers to,” Roxanne, 30, an attorney stated on her behalf. “Fortunately, I have the option of not being there.”

She feels sad because others, “dear to me, don’t have that option.” “They have to defend themselves again against provable lies. (…) I refuse to feed this. “Out of respect for the court, I am making this brief statement.”

An Amsterdam court ruled last June that Rachel, 53, could only hear from her former business partners Marek van Beek, Rob Israel and Roxanne over a €24,000 bill for a training programme. The court rejected the rest of Rachel’s request, arguing that she was not interested in him. The widow of Andrzej Hazis Sr. then appealed.

Rachel Hayes left earlier this week View news Know that she will only go to court to “win her case and seek justice.” Rachel has been involved in multiple lawsuits over the past year.


One case between the Hazes and Van Beek involved an amount of money Rachel was demanding from her former best friend over an alleged rental debt. Another case concerns the power of attorney that Rachel gave to Van Beek in 2016 after the breakup. Rachel says Van Beek and his daughter, Roxanne, would have used this power of attorney. The hearing, at which Rachel will provide an oral explanation of her request, is scheduled for Wednesday. The issue between Rachel and her daughter was over who could call themselves the heir of Andre Hazes Sr.

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