Audi and Pfizer Pause Ads on Twitter Due to Musk Acquisition | Abroad

Audi and Pfizer Pause Ads on Twitter Due to Musk Acquisition |  Abroad

A number of large companies will temporarily stop advertising on Twitter due to the Elon Musk acquisition. Automobile brand Audi, drugmaker Pfizer and snack producer Mondelez are taking a breather from their Twitter marketing spending, The Wall Street Journal trade journal reported based on insiders. Food producer General Mills confirms to the newspaper that it will temporarily not run ads on Twitter.

A number of advertisers are concerned that Musk is relaxing the rules about allowed and prohibited expressions on the social media platform to the point that there will be spam about their ads, for example hate messages.

Other companies have stopped advertising on Twitter due to uncertainty within the company as a large number of senior executives have left or been fired. This happened in the marketing and sales departments of the messaging service, among other things.

Twitter was unable to immediately respond to a request for comment from the Wall Street Journal. The tech company has the disadvantage that it is not necessary for advertisers, while it saves much more money for larger competitors such as Facebook and Google.

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