Alex’s woman from Over My Dead comes with ‘Terrible to see him like this’ update

Alex's woman from Over My Dead comes with 'Terrible to see him like this' update

On January 3, 2015, Alex underwent high-risk surgery to remove a quarter of his brain. The process went so well, that Alex and Linda dare to think again about their biggest dream: a baby. But when Linda was about seven months pregnant, Alex unexpectedly went bad and they received bad news: the tumor in his head came back.

Once again he is followed by major surgery, from which Alex is paralyzed on the left side of his body and an intense period of rehabilitation follows. A few weeks after the surgery, Linda gave birth to her son, Aaron. Since doctors cannot provide a diagnosis, the family enjoys every day together. But it’s not always easy, Linda writes in a new blog post on .’s website On My Body. Especially now that Alex is going to have another MRI soon.

Alex usually gets an MRI at the end of November and Linda explains the results at the beginning of December. Now the MRI is done on December 12 and results on December 15. “It really makes us nervous,” she wrote. Linda continues: “On Friday, December 13, 2013, we announced our intention to get married. I know it sounds very stupid: who is getting married on Friday the 13th… Us. We’ll be together for 13 years next year. On Saturday, December 13, 2014, Alex had his first seizure and on December 17, 2014 we heard that a brain tumor had been found in Alex’s head.

For eight years after that black week in 2014, we didn’t get an MRI and results back in the week of December. What is also strange is that Alex had another surgery for his growing tumor on December 14, 2015. So the days between December 12 and 17 are very sensitive. In fact, we are not superstitious, but the whole thing seems very complicated.

In addition, Alex has recently had a few bad weeks and is in so much pain that daily routines have already become too much. “The realization that dad will never get better has not been happily ever after with Aaron… I guess. And I have my struggle. I hate to see Alex like this,” Linda honestly admits on the blog.

Although it is “strange” according to Linda that Alex is still around, she is hoping for December. Otherwise, we’ll go through that complicated phase or bad flashback again. The three of us can take on the world together,” she concludes.

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