The album 21 as the first 500 weeks in the Dutch chart

The album 21 as the first 500 weeks in the Dutch chart
Adele won a Grammy in February for her single Easy on Me.

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album 21 Van Adel has reached a new Dutch achievement. The record is the first album to reach 500 weeks in the Dutch Albums Top 100.

The British singer released the album in 2011 and it was the best-selling album of the year that year and the following year. This was the first time that the same album was the best-selling album in the Netherlands two years in a row.

The album includes songs rolling in the deep And Someone loves you.

100 selling music albums

the Top 100 Dutch Albums It is a weekly chart of music albums, compiled by Dutch Charts. The list contains the 100 best-selling music albums of the moment. 21 He is now No. 19 on the list, one point up from last week.

Since February of last year, Adele has already held the record for the longest-running album ever recorded in the Top 100. She then surpassed André Hazes Sr. , which spent 437 weeks on the list with the album 100.


Since October 2015, streams are also included in the composition of the 100 best albums. Dutch Charts uses a formula for this in which the total number of streams of all songs in an album is divided by 2150. The result equals one download.

the next 21 are albums 30 And 25 van Adele has been in the top 100 albums for quite some time, 74 and 384 weeks, respectively.

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