Jesus Ready for Passion: ‘I’m Not Really Religious, But The Story Touches Me’

Jesus Ready for Passion: 'I'm Not Really Religious, But The Story Touches Me'

Crohn’s isn’t just Jesus. At twenty-six, he was the youngest Jesus ever. He hopes to pass this on to young people. “The past two years have been difficult for the youth. I hope to give the youth extra strength with this story.”

stick story

Crohn doesn’t have a religious background, “but grandfather and grandmother always had a brown bible,” he says. “I talked about it with my grandfather.”

The protagonist says, but believer or not, that doesn’t really matter for this story. “It’s a story that does something, and it holds, especially at this time.”

“I want to become the modern Jesus”

Crone has been preparing for the role since December. That was intense, because you don’t just play Jesus. Crohn had many conversations, worked with all the songs and adapted them to his feel and taste. “It sounds like the same story every year, and it’s out there somewhere, but you can give it your own interpretation.”

The logical question, then, is: What is the interpretation of Soy Crohn’s? “I want to be the modern Jesus,” he says. “Jesus is not hectic and calm, but someone with a lot of passion and energy.”

Very modern. Speaking of which, could Jesus also be a woman in the future? Crohn: “Who knows! I’ll be interested to see if that’s possible. The passion has really been revived by KRO. So maybe it is.”

Still a little nervous

Only a few hours, and then the youngest Jesus can work. Then there might be a little tension. The Most exciting? Kron: “If I climbed the drone tonight, and flew over all the buildings in Doetinchem and I’m high in the city. I’ll be glad if all goes well.”

no audience

The emotion can be seen tonight from 20.30 on NPO1, but there will be no people in Doetinchem’s big arena. It was already decided last summer. The culprit: Corona. The fact that the measures have now disappeared does not change that decision.

There’s not much difference for Kron: “There’s going to be two million people watching in the house. That’s a special feeling.”

The municipality of Doetinchem announced that the square can be accessed during the day, but will be closed tonight. “So you can’t get any close,” a company spokesperson said.

A plea has been made within Doetinchem to open the doors and have a look together. “For example, churches, community centers, schools. Some restaurants serve special dinners. And hundreds of people will still watch together.”

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