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Hello Games, developer of No Man’s Sky, has started her next big project. This is said director Sean Murray in an interview with IGN. The project will not be a sequel to NMS, but it is equally ambitious, according to the CEO.

“We’ve been working on something very ambitious in the background for a while. It’s a small team, but we like it that way,” Murray tells IGN† “Like No Man’s Sky, it’s one of those projects where even a thousand people work, it would seem impossible.”

More details about the new game are not yet known. The game has been in “very early” development since September last year, according to Murray, but Murray says No Man’s Sky will continue to receive updates for now. “No Man’s Sky won’t be slowed down by the next project, but the new thing won’t be slowed down by No Man’s Sky either,” he says. “We are fortunate enough to be able to let people move about freely to work on what excites them.”

This isn’t the first time Hello Games has expressed big ambitions. No Man’s Sky came out in 2016 and before its release, Sean Murray made a lot of promises that were not kept when it was released. In the years since its release, this game has been completely overhauled with free updates and No Man’s Sky is still popular today. Just yesterday Hello Games appeared with Free update for outlaws It adapts to combat in space and adds a new underworld with pirates. Murray says Hello Games “learned its lesson” after the release of NMS.

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