Razer Launches BlackShark V2 Pro 2023 With Promised 70 Hours Of Battery Life Gaming News

correct. It’s compressed audio anyway. I had a 5 year old RS 180. It had a really nice thick coat. And replaced with a new RS 195 after a faulty battery and that’s a little less. Lots of treble and even some noise. I don’t know what Sennheiser did. Worst (control of) drivers? And yes then the HD 600 is an analog cheat compared to Sennheiser’s new RS series :)

I usually listen to the Beyerdynamic T90 if it’s a thriller or on my Rode NTH 100 behind my computer. And that Red NTH 100 of 130 euros is a pleasant surprise for me!! I can do my work, play games or listen to music for hours behind the computer. Really happy about this because I picked it up via Whatshifi. A nice studio headphone that sounds very analytical at first but gets more and more musical with time. Really very comfortable sound. A kind of Swiss knife.

But for the real thing (I especially like classical, jazz, and vocal) I’m very fond of my Beyerdynamic T90 along with my marantz stereo. Oh man oh man. Just like aged Pollack. These warm tones will dance on your ears. Sorry can talk for hours haha

But I just received my Sennheiser Momentum 4 today. Wow what a NC Bluetooth headphone sound. It is a pity that in combination with the Sony Xperia 1 IV the volume is somewhat limited. But what a sound stage with love Amy Winehouse is a loser. This bass guitar/guitar/trumpet/drum with the typical Sennheiser bass layer (no bass boost) really does what a massive sound.

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