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Google’s Tensor G3 will be based on the ARMv9 architecture. This writes Android authority. The soc will have four economical Cortex-A510, four Cortex-A715 and powerful Cortex X3 processor cores. The cores will be placed in the order of 2 + 2 + 1.

According to sources Android Authority can speak to, these processors’ clock speeds will be higher than the clock speeds of the Tensor G2 and G1 cores. New chipsets too Marking of poor memory in order to support. This is a security technology that should prevent security vulnerabilities in the memory of the Security Operations Center. Tensor G3 also gets a new memory controller that enables UFS 4.0 memory. Tensor G1 and Tensor G2 only support UFS 3.1 memory.

becomes GPU According to the Android Authority Model ARM Mali-G715. It will have 10 graphics cores and the GPU will also support ray tracing. Tensor G3 is said to be able to encode or decode 8k video at 30fps. Android Authority writes that Pixel 8 smartphones will not be able to record 8k video. According to the site’s editors, smartphones cannot adequately handle the heat development that accompanies this. Tensor G3 also includes a separate computing core that can decode, encode and enhance AV1 videos. Digital Signal Healer.

Google has yet to share details about the Tensor G or the Pixel 8. According to 9to5Google, the US search giant would like to announce the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro phones this fall.

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