Surprised guests of Meilandjes guest house after staying at Code Rosé

Surprised guests of Meilandjes guest house after staying at Code Rosé

What is it like to sleep at the Hotel Meilandjes? A journalist tested it and visited the Code Rosé guest house. There are plenty of surprises, especially in regards to other hotel guests. Because upon entering it’s clear that hotel guests only want to do one thing: catch a glimpse of celebrities.

Several couples “wait” on the benches in the common room. Not just waiting, but waiting for Meilandje,” Scores journalist and “hotel tester” Marlies Fording The telegraph. “When they see us, they look a little trapped, like we know a secret about them that we’re not allowed to tell anyone,” she says of guests at the hotel, which opened in May this year.

“Here’s the man they came for.”

If you really want to see Martien or Maxime Meiland at the hotel, you have to wait until breakfast. This is the moment when celebrities “appear”. Thus the journalist gets up early to join the breakfast room at 8:00 am. She’s not the only one with this idea. The hall is full of fans, but Meilandje hasn’t been spotted yet. “It’s eerily quiet.”

The journalist has a lot of praise for breakfast, but that, of course, is not the point. Where is Martin? He enters the breakfast room an hour later. “About a dozen hotel guests jump out of their seats. Here is the man they came for.” But he left again in no time.

Meilandjes appear during breakfast

So it’s time to wait again, because according to hotel guests, one of the Meilandjes is sure to be on the scene again soon. “Yesterday he came too, about ten o’clock,” they speculate. And indeed, just under an hour later, Martin Meyland reappeared with Erica. Remarkable: “The fan crowd hardly dares to address their idol.”

The next morning, during breakfast, he meets journalist Maxime Meilland. “The hostess introduces herself to the guests with a wide smile. Just like her father, she turns out to be a star in small talk. We had all of the blonde’s attention for about three minutes, before she disappeared backstage again.”

Great amount to stay at Hotel Meilandjes

The hotel guests had to pay a significant amount for this: about 400 euros for two days. “One buys tickets for a concert to see his idol, but people here prefer to visit this guest house for that money (or a little more…)”.

However, this money doesn’t just end up in Meilandjes’ pockets. It is also used in hotel decoration. Then you come face-to-face with a stuffed fox or a seagull or marvel at a leopard-print ceiling. All in all, it’s enough to fill an entire season of “between art and kitsch.” They have an atmosphere of their own that is unparalleled.”

Also here and there complain about the hotel

Although she also has some criticisms of the hotel here and there. For example, the room lacks a table and a trash can. There is also no letter or folder with a welcome word and additional information and she has no idea what the WiFi password is.

“There’s a leopard print ceiling in the hall, but hardly any sockets in the room. Plenty of ‘wine, wine, wine’ in the foyer, but no fridge to keep it cold. Shampoo, but no hand soap,” he said. Here for the room, but for the experience.”

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The astonishment of the hotel guests overwhelms the journalist, who remains undercover at the Meilandjes guesthouse

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