Edge tries to banish users from Chrome with a popup – Computer – News

I think MS knows very well that this is going to be a mess and I think that is exactly what will happen next MS.

After all, for the average consumer who opens their email and gets a popup there, this works best in chrome, do you want to install chrome? It just clicks yes and voila.
It also doesn’t matter if you’re using Edge or Firefox, Google has been doing it for as long as possible.

Now MS also does this with a “Chrome very 2008 is” message, which literally mocks Google and draws attention to the whole practice. Such data is also unusual for a company that has to rely on the enterprise market, so I wouldn’t be surprised that you only get it in the home versions.

Now the question is, because MS now applies the classic Google trick, what are you going to do? Complain about not letting MS do that with full explanation? Or make sure no one is allowed to use such practices anymore, so Google has to stop pushing hard for its browser while Google is the lord and master of the desktop and mobile market? So Google has the entirety of video DRM in its power with Widevine to the point that Google unilaterally decides whether your Zigo app still works on your TV.

Let’s talk about it instead of “MS is bad and the edge slits the throat”

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