March 22, 2023

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Carlo Boszhard en Eddy Zoëy

Carlo Boszhard talks about funny watching characters Eddie Zoe

Carlo Boszard is very upset that all the media is describing the revival of star ratings as a flop. According to him, the new broadcaster Eddie Zoe scores the highest. “It’s so absurd!”


Apparently, the management of RTL 5 channel secretly flew to the sun, because they are leading their TV ship with a huge sunstroke. RTL 5 is currently broadcasting two of the biggest failures in its history: the Deal or no Deal revival and the star rating revival. the problem? the offer.

Megaflops on RTL 5

Deal or no Deal was a show in which Beau van Erven Dorens were able to charmingly talk to each other for half an hour, but nowadays it features an untalented acting: Buddy Vedder. This is a person who is not upfront, but plays one role. The viewer sees through it.

But the biggest mismatch is the star rating and Eddie Zoe. This celebrity show is Paul de Leo’s baby and he’s actually just so irreplaceable. Eddie’s opinion of the last riot show? It should be “warm”. The viewer disagrees and goes away en masse. while Paul laughs in his fist.

98000 viewers

Eddie has been scoring horrific results with star ratings for weeks, but last Wednesday night he really hit everything: Only 98,000 people were watching, which is good for a 1.6 percent market share. The buddy deal or no deal attracted 160,000 viewers – also a degree of horror – and today’s 112 had 198 thousand.

Those 98000 Eddie viewers are of course ashamed of you. These are the degrees that Astro TV astrologers did not even get out of bed for. And what does Eddie herself say? he is angry! Because in some target business groups He would score well.

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Carlo in rags

RTL icon Carlo Bouchard is now also jumping the gap for Eddy and his fringe characters to watch. It turned out once again that it is difficult for TV stars to accept the viewer’s escape en masse. What does Carlo say? And he whispers in Televizier that for him and his colleagues it is only about market shares in the target group of 20-49 years.

Carlo exasperated: “It’s no surprise that Eddie Zoe has rightly pointed out recently that his ‘Star Rating’ show is doing a lot better than people think. But that’s not the case with the media.” Yeah, yeah, Eddie, it would be. Another desperate TV star who has found a target group in which his show is doing well, Read Between the Lines.


Carlo spits out the stupidity of the media they call 98,000 viewers of Eddie the flop. This ridiculous reaction is also understandable: Stichting Kijkonderzoek publishes only public viewing numbers. You can only see the numbers of the target group with the login code. I wonder why this. Get rid of that noise on the line, just show all the numbers.”

Only a select group have these login codes. “Now that it’s not public, you don’t open up and that doesn’t help anyone. In fact, it generates unnecessary negative publicity in the media. Take a look at the Herald. So, that’s it, a strong point has been made.”


Carlo News: These mass target numbers are completely uninteresting to the media and the average reader. Even if you make all the characters public: Those 98,000 Eddy viewers are and still are huge.

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An RTL spokesperson told that he was satisfied with Eddie’s viewing numbers: “Viewing numbers are no longer relevant just a day after the first broadcast. With viewing lags on platforms like RTL XL and Videoland, people watch when it suits them.”

RTL satisfied

RTL does not lose sleep on Eddie’s marginal linear numbers. “Overall, we are pleased with the market shares of the new season of star ratings. The show has been given a new look and should find its place again, so it is a little bit choppy.”

But it does contribute to the higher overall market shares that we currently have as a broadcasting group. So there is no need to change programming.”