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WinFuture: Samsung has started production of Galaxy S22 smartphones – tablets and phones – News

Samsung has started producing Galaxy S22 phones, which WinFuture reports usually informed. The manufacturer will produce components for three different variants of the S22. Smartphones are expected to appear early next year. According to WinFuture Samsung started production of SM-S901, SM-S906 and SM-S908. These devices are respectively presented as Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 + and […]

Homo bodensis – Dagblad Suriname

Researchers have announced a new species of human ancestor called Homo bodensis. Hominins lived in Africa about half a million years ago and were the direct ancestor of modern humans. Researchers are looking at hominids of the middle Pleistocene, a group that may help explain how Homo erectus (“upright man”) turned into Homo sapiens. The […]

SteelSeries introduces Arctis 7+ and 7P+ headphones with USB-C port and fast charging – Games – News

Steelseries has updated the Arctis 7 series of gaming headsets. The new Arctis 7+ and 7P+ now have USB-C ports, longer battery life, and faster charging speeds. Headphones are also available immediately. SteelSeries Arctis 7P + Steelseries states that fully charged headphones now last about 30 hours, compared to about 24 hours with the previous […]

Owner buys PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Maker Subnautica – Games – News

The company behind the popular battle royale game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Krafton has announced that it is buying the studio behind Subnautica. Independent studio Unknown Worlds Entertainment has become part of the growing Krafton portfolio. Korean Krafton, formerly known as BlueHole, writes in a advertisement They acquire Unknown Worlds for an undisclosed amount. Unknown Worlds will […]

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