June 5, 2023

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Brave has a feature to bypass Google AMP pages – Computer – News

Brave has released a new version of its browser that allows bypassing Google’s AMP sites. De-AMP extracts the AMP portion of the URLs so that users can visit the site in a normal way.

The new job It’s called De-AMP and is available in Nightly and Beta versions of the browser. In version 1.38 for desktop and Android, Brave wants the feature to be enabled by default. On iOS, this feature will follow at a later time. In the browser, pages loaded through Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages are overridden to the normal page by default, if applicable. Google introduced AMP a few years ago as a technology to make a website load faster, primarily by requesting pages through Google’s own servers.

According to Brave, AMP is harmful to users in several ways. For example, Google can collect more information about visitors via AMP websites. Brave also believes that visitors to a website via an AMP link cannot correctly assess whether they are on the correct site. Finally, Brave denounced the fact that Google uses AMP to “monopolize” the web.

The new version of the browser has several ways to disable AMP links. The browser will modify websites that link frequently to AMP pages by making them redirect to regular pages in the future. If the pages are still open as AMP links, Brave learns the AMP encoding and then directs users to the correct page.

Brave AMP

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