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You think so.. I’m tired of it, especially in WoW playerbase (especially previous players). The game is now 18 years old. The people who play it now are a completely different type of player than those who played 18 years ago. MMO Market too Total Different.
Blizzard rightly copes with that. You might like it, you might like it, but in the end Blizzard has to make a profit, not keep some happy veteran who now has kids, got married, no longer lives in their parents’ basement etc. †

In the end, the game market is changing, and the developer will have to change with it. I still enjoy the game enough to pay for it. But to call all the changes bad? no not like that. Because it is profitable. So by definition it’s not bad.

And before people come up with “Yes, but fewer people are playing!!!” , one more time. The market has changed, there is much more intense competition than it was 18 years ago. Watch Road of Exile, FFXIV, etc.

Let people enjoy their game, don’t you love it? our end! But don’t sit around complaining when others are enjoying their game. It kind of screams “Stop having fun!!” me me.

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