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It’s definitely enough cash, yes. I would buy something like this for about 20 euros, just so I don’t have to mess around to get such a game and play it on a modern PC.

Unfortunately, some also go too far in remanufacturing. For example, BeamDog redesigned Baldur’s first and second portal, but those games almost got killed.

There are new parts of the world that don’t suit you.
– There are new characters that don’t fit in because they adhere to 21st century standards and values, rather than medieval ones (the games turned out to be something like SJW)
– There were a lot of new bugs in the beginning
Many of the things BeamDog did can also be done using community mods that were in place years before BeamDog started remastering.

(And then they made another game, Siege of DragonSpear, which seems to be a complete disaster in terms of characters, story, and writing style. It should fit between Baldur’s Gate 1 and 2, but seems to break from just about everything that BG1 and 2 are known for, except maybe graphics.)

I’d prefer a company to update an old but classic game once the graphics are updated, make sure the game runs on newer PCs, and fix some stuck bugs here and there if the community hasn’t already. So you really have a new version of the classic. If you change things about it, you can only antagonize people.

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