Square Enix CEO wants to compensate players via blockchain for creating in-game content – Games – News

But it seems to me that this is the exception.

If so, in many of those areas where this money is so little, if they can earn more and cheaper than Western developers, it would be no exception. But this is no exception. When was the last time you bought something in China outside of AliExpress? That’s already more population than the “West” combined.. India/Pakistan, Africa, South America? There are generally all kinds of people/companies who get rich among them. You make mod development (for a fee) easier.

SE can of course modify the licensing terms to allow this, but I expect SE will also want to make money from it. You can do this using . mod store, but you see how well Bethesda works with that, we can’t all be Steam… and the conventions of kings are pia! Certainly those who check whether they have been (correctly) met.

Blockchain seems decentralized in this context, because they want the rest of the gaming industry to use it as well.

What exactly does that mean?

Much depends on the implementation:
I see that earlier if someone made mod X, Y made it, modder Z gets paid for it in virtual currency.
Developers expect to spend Y amount of time on X form, they want Z amount for that, and publish the project via crowdfunding. Supporters buy virtual currency and give a certain amount of money to the project …
The modder makes mod X, and asks for the amount Z so, the amount Z can also be 0.
All of the above (or even anything else).

The difference with NFT is that we’re talking about a job in a game rather than a job. Current applications of NFT for images.

What you sell is the time you spend making that mod or the value of your time and idea of ​​the mod you made.

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