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Users of the World of Warcraft subreddit managed to trick the gaming news site into getting at least some of its content written by AI. The site ran a completely made-up story about introducing the non-existent WoW character “Glorbo”.

I started with one Posted on the WoW subreddit From a user who was pretty sure fabricated their articles in this way. He was convinced that if a hot story was discussed fervently and seriously enough on a subreddit, the site would obsessively take over. It could have happened many times before, including in quotes from Reddit users.

This particular topic has not yet been covered by, but one Another post with the same intent Good. He gleefully talks about introducing Glorbo, with all kinds of ingenious details about it.

Many of these details ended up in the article. Players are “excited”, says Zleague, but “the mandatory Klikclac component and its impact on more casual players raise concerns”. The text “Honestly, this makes me so happy! I really want a major bot-powered news site to put an article online on this topic” was also copied. Glorbo also features as ‘the best addition since Finding Quackion,’ and side of duck, take it off.

Today, author Lucy Reed has published more than 80 articles online, Refer to Ars Technica. Zleague has taken the article in question offline, blunder Fortunately archived For everyone’s reading pleasure.

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