Closed with a bang on Friday • Pastels feature well in Zwarte Cross

Closed with a bang on Friday • Pastels feature well in Zwarte Cross

Music lovers can indulge themselves on Friday. Listing all the businesses I have there will list you there, but these names undoubtedly attract a lot of audience.

Snelle will open the main stage from Gorssel at 13:30. Anton was still on Megatent last year, but at 5:15 p.m. his boat would reach the main platform. Davina Michele arrives at 7:15 p.m. Eagles of Death Metal closes at 9:15 PM and Bastille closes at 11:15 PM.

Then meganet. Mooi Wark can start there at 12.45pm. The print does not reach Medina Hatchet, but at 2.45pm. The ABBA Fever cover tape starts there at 7 p.m. And those who missed Heinoos yesterday are in luck. Because at 10.30pm they were Høken at Megatent.

Then the dance floor. World famous DJ Laidback Luke plays his records there at 6.45pm. Late in the evening the stomp was blasted with Darkraver at 10.45pm.

Then of course there are the smaller stages, such as Meadow Reggae, Bayou and Noobrhoud, where Imani plays at 6.30pm. Wouter van der Goes and Frank van ‘t Hof play at Discotent at 8 p.m. Lovers can enjoy Vunzige Deuntjes from 9pm in the night locker. Anyone in the mood for guitars can go crazy at the Roadhouse Youth Hang at 10:30pm. Where earlier that day the band Wies had been playing at 4.30pm.

Want to hear the classics? Then go to the Undercover tent. At 13.00 you can hear Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers there and at 15.00 Oasis. None other than a Bruce Springsteen impersonator that closes at 11 p.m.

All this is just a glimpse. Because there are many stages. Such as Nozem 2-stroke Terrace, Playa Exoticana, Gaycafé de Kast, Café Harder, Stamcafé de Schans, Verhalencafé het Ezelsoor (with Nico Dijkshoorn and Tim Knol at 7pm) and an open stage. Don’t forget the turf and exciting performances at the Globe of Death and Ground Hero.

Check out a preview of Mooi Wark here:

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