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The state of the game is as follows:

CIG claims that the single-player game, Squadron 42, takes up a lot of their time and energy, when it hasn’t been for quite some time. More for sale Without any clarity on this. The game, first in 2014, then in 2016 and finally in 2020 It will come out, and it seems to be nowhere to be seen. Supporters receive monthly status updates vaguely worded like the famous update Bed sheet warp technology to update.

The PU (or “Star Citizen”) shows developments continuing as usual, with periodic updates that actually show little progress. The “roadmap” has been subtly scrapped a few times (and the backers are to blame for it), the Pyro (the game’s second star system) was supposed to be released in 2018 and 2020 and in 2023 (it won’t happen), the big ships have changed drastically (Hal), and it seems that The promised ships have been in development for years. The game itself has (logical) eavesdropping, and the boredom that many players suffer from leads to sadness and other things that spoil it for others. The new Arena Commander mode (small scale combat scenario) has been in the works for years, and the popular Theaters of War (supposed to be released in 2019) has already been declared dead (but maybe not…).

You can still buy tickets for the next flight CitizenCon! After that, you pay €200 to see things you’ll never get back into the game for a few days, like SataBall, Theaters of War, Pyro, Sandworms, and smooth gameplay. You can also sign up for this event as an unpaid volunteer, because conferencing costs money.

No, it’s not going well with CIG and Star Citizen/SQ42. People are too busy asking for refunds and selling their stuff for a (huge) loss in the gray market. My advice: keep your wallet away from this scene and enjoy disaster tourism like I did.

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