Bram picks Caroline at B&B Vol Liefde: ‘starts to bubble’

Bram picks Caroline at B&B Vol Liefde: 'starts to bubble'

It’s Bram’s birthday, and Caroline and Anna have prepared a surprise for him. They made a cake in the strictest secrecy, but it’s not the festive atmosphere that prevails in Sweden. Caroline and Anna are curious about who Bram will choose.

“At the moment I feel a little nervous,” says Anna. “The end is near and there is still a lot going on.” Caroline is also nervous. “I think we’re nervous because we have feelings for Bram. We don’t know who he prefers.”

Bram is very surprised by the cake, but he’s also in trouble with himself. He knows he has to choose. Bram indicates that he wants to talk to Caroline. When the two are together for a while, he lets out his heart. “I feel so comfortable with you. I feel so safe and can totally be myself. I have to say it’s starting to flow with me. I actually like you more than just. You really intrigue me. Really a lot.”

Bram was already starting to feel butterflies for the blonde. “I also tend to touch her,” he reveals to the camera. “She is mine too.” Caroline is happy that Bram is talking about his feelings and would like to stay longer to get to know him better. She is already preoccupied with the future, as she is curious about how things are going now and whether the feelings for each other will last.

Now the most difficult moment for Bram has arrived: he has to disappoint Anna. He prefers to postpone that moment. “Today I think it’s a bit of a short notice,” he says. This does not suit Caroline. “It would be very strange if you found out tomorrow that we discussed it today,” she says. She convinced him to tell her anyway. Caroline, in turn, does not want to be lied to, because the two ladies have established a cordial relationship.

With bullets in his boot, Bram goes for Anna. “A lot of things had arisen between Caroline and I, and it became clear that it was more.” Anna regrets that things did not go well between her and Bram. “But Caro is a great person,” she says. Anna gets a little emotional about it. However, she feels good when she knows where she stands.

Thus ends the fairy tale for one, and a new one begins for the other. You can just see how it turns out between Bram and Caroline this weekend B & B full of love. The program can be seen on Saturdays and Sundays at 8 pm on RTL channel 4 and in Videoland.

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