Sources: Velez Calls Detective CF Johan Rojas, Known For His Defense And Speed

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The Phillies, who need a right-handed hitting center fielder, are calling up Johan Rojas to the majors when the second half of the season begins Friday night. Major league sources confirmed that Rojas, one of the club’s best players, was promoted from Double-A Reading. the athlete.

The team later announced that Rojas, known for his outstanding defense and speed, was their selection as Christian Bach was dealing with a right elbow injury. Rojas will slide into a patch role – starting against left-handed shooters and opportunities as a late defensive replacement – while patch is on the injured list. Brandon Marsh would continue to see the majority of his playing time at center.

While Rojas, 22, is a patchy product, he’s having his best season at the plate. He hit .306/.361/.484 in 354 plate appearances at Reading. Rojas just missed the athleteTop 100 potential early in the season but Keith Law believes he will be included in the top 100 today. And according to sources, the Phillies view his spot on the big league roster as temporary. He’s still in the process of developing, but this is an opportunity to introduce him to a better show while making a proper role. His outstanding plays on the field this season garnered attention.

“The best defensive midfielder I’ve ever seen,” said Mick Appel, the team’s 21-year-old.

Reading’s hitting coach Tyler Henson said last month he was proud of Rojas’ improved consistency in the lead. Defense is on a different level.

“It’s the best I’ve seen in all the years throughout the minor leagues that I’ve played with, coached, or watched from afar,” said Henson, who spent 10 years playing with the minors. “There’s no better in baseball. He’s fast. He’s athletic. The roads are clean. He gets balls on his feet that most guys dive with. And it looks easy. It’s special.”

In addition to Rojas’ promotion, prior to Friday’s game against the Padres’ Phillies, player Drew Ellis of Triple A was called up. He replaced Josh Harrison, who went on IL during the All-Star break with a sprained right wrist.

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