Matty and Marieki cheer the Coldplay fan with a special surprise

Matty and Marieki cheer the Coldplay fan with a special surprise

Without a doubt, Denise hung the line at Qmusic Friday morning, where she can be heard live. What the Coldplay fan didn’t know at the time was that her sister-in-law Maureen had written a letter to the radio station. In it, she says that Denise and Derek have had two very intensive IVF procedures in five years.

After many failed attempts and a pregnancy that had to be terminated after nine weeks, Denise and Derek now have two beautiful children and a star child. But because of the grueling travels—and being parents of a young boy and an infant—they (inadvertently) miss each other regularly.

According to Maureen, Derek and Denise are big fans of Coldplay and really wanted to go to the guys, but unfortunately they lost an opportunity during the sale. “It’s a really intense story,” Mattie says after Marieke reads Maureen’s letter.

“It goes with ups and downs, but what Maureen says is true,” an emotional Dennis replies when the radio DJ asks how they are doing now. “Then you lose seeing each other, especially with the sleepless nights, and then we’re so kind to each other sometimes. It was intense, but now we’re happy and whole.”

Marieke, who has also recently become a mother, wants to know from Denise why they can’t make time for each other. “We worked hard for it and consciously chose the kids, so I don’t think we should be sending these girls to the babysitter all the time. We deliberately picked the kids, so I think you should also have fun to the fullest.”

In the studio they find Denise’s story too well known and want to do something for the couple. Coldplay’s lyrics helped them through the difficult period and that’s why Dennis and Derek were allowed to go to the party on behalf of Q-music, which will be distributing tickets this week. Dennis replied in shock: “How wonderful, I’m totally shaking.” “How wonderful, thank you.”

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