Acer also comes with a Radeon video card with two different types of fans – PC – News

The right fan is axial (a casefan type, so to speak), which blows air downwards (i.e. across the cooling block) and out of the card at the back thanks to a flush design. The advantage of an axial fan is that it is often larger in terms of surface area and therefore must operate at lower power for the same cooling capacity. The disadvantage is that you are expelling this warm air inside the computer’s casing, which can heat up other components.

The middle fan is radial, blowing air to the sides. In the past, I’ve mainly seen this type with video cards, especially reference models. With the design they use for the cooling block, the warm air is actually blown through the video card and expelled behind the computer. The advantage is that the card can be nice and compact and does not circulate any heat through your housing. The drawback is that this fan is small and therefore has to be turned with a lot of force to cool properly = more noise.

I don’t quite understand what Asrock wants to achieve with this build, you actually have drawbacks in both directions:
-Unlike a model that only has an axial fan, you can still dump heat into other components (in this case the CPU). For the RX7600, that’s not much, but still.
-Unlike a model with only radial fans (which you see a lot these days), you don’t have quieter operation because the little fan in the middle makes more noise.
In theory, this prevents the central fan from receiving and circulating hot air from the other fan, but manufacturers have been making cards with a design that does this for decades without causing any problems. Plus this is a card that has a TDP of 150-180W so a little warm air isn’t really an issue.

In the end, things are pretty much the same, but what you’re left with is just a card that performs as well as any other budget RX7600 in terms of cooling. It looks unique, but that’s it.

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