Sony blocks refunds for PS Plus prepaid cards due to a loophole in Premium

Sony blocks refunds for PS Plus prepaid cards due to a loophole in Premium

All indications are that Sony closed a discount loophole recently regarding the upcoming PS Plus subscription system Push Square Reports† Users seem to receive an error message when they try to redeem a prepaid PS Plus subscription. According to various reports from Sony employees, this is temporarily no longer possible. customers pile of subscriptions to get a cheaper PS Plus Premium subscription.

The upcoming subscription system will split an existing PlayStation Plus subscription into three sub-subscriptions and add PlayStation Now’s streaming functionality to the more expensive alternative. Existing customers have now switched to automatically receiving a Premium subscription after an announcement.

It was the loophole Requirements For a “free” Premium upgrade. Initially, everyone with a Now subscription will get a higher-cost Premium subscription starting at the end of June. As long as the Now subscription is still running, you get Premium for the Now price; It saves approximately 7 euros per month.

It later turns out that a customer with a PS Now and PS Plus subscription also receives Premium automatically, as long as the longer subscription is still running. So anyone with a Now subscription can activate a 12-month subscription with a prepaid PS Plus card just before the new subscription scheme is released. This trick costs 60 euros in the Netherlands, and a premium year costs 120 euros.

A UK retailer has reported that Sony has already stopped accepting prepaid PS Plus subscription activations. This will last until mid-June. The new PS Plus will be released in Europe on June 22nd.

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