Kim Kardashian explains why she snapped photos of her cousin from Disneyland Post

Kim Kardashian explains why she snapped photos of her cousin from Disneyland Post

Kim reportedly has photoshopped photos of a trip to Disneyland with daughter Chicago and niece True, as her followers immediately noticed four months ago. However, it took some time for Kim to process the incident herself. “Okay everyone, I have a Photoshop confession to share with you,” she now writes on her Instagram. She explains that she’s already added her niece to the Disneyland photos, but she has a very good reason for that. The original pictures appeared in Chicago with her other niece Stormi, daughter of Kylie Jenner, Kim’s younger half-sister, but she was not allowed to post these pictures online: “When Kylie asked if I could post the pictures, Kylie said she wanted and I didn’t even do this and I I respect that. But that doesn’t mean my Instagram feed has to suffer because Chicago was wearing pink and it goes perfectly with my feed.”

In order to gain control and save her Instagram feed, Kim decided to replace her niece Stormi with her other niece True Thompson. You know how important good is Aesthetic As for me and I won’t let Kylie spoil my Instagram feed, “Kim jokes.” So thank you for True for taking one for the team.” Kim also admits she didn’t expect “it’s going to be such a big deal.”

It’s not unusual for Kim to share her photoshop secrets with her followers, but after True mother Khloe previously admitted that the photos were actually fake, Kim might have had to admit.

America’s most famous reality family is back from not truly extinct. They recently joined Disney+ and that means two things: more budget and more drama.

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