It’s crazy before the fair with so many weird numbers and prices

Het is gekkenhuis voorbeurs met heel veel cijfers en bizarre koersen

AEX is +1.0% after a particularly nice round of Wall Street, numbers and expectations disappoint Amazon (-9.0%), Apple (-2.2%) and rally in China, because Beijing will spur. Tencent stock rose 8.9% in Hong Kong.

  • European futures open a few tenths up one percent
  • The US index rose 0.2%, but the Nasdaq 100 rose -0.6%. Because Amazon, Apple and Intel. And a lot
  • In Asia, the growth rate in China is up by 2-3% and the rest are also showing good positives
  • Volatility (CBOE VIX Index) closed -5.1% at 29.99
  • The dollar fell 0.4% to 1.054
  • The German 10-year yield drops one basis point to 0.89% and the US rate drops to 2.88%
  • Gold + 0.8%, Oil + 0.9%, Bitcoin -0.8%

After the US market there are still Q1 numbers, you can find everything in my country Articles†Amazon reported loss due to its stake in Rivian, Apple beat expectations, but when it comes to supply chain, Intel had very low routing and drama in Robinhood.

In the meantime, Damrak happily takes over the reins, because here there are also many characters. Bessie beats with it Q1’s Expectations, but is the outlook sufficient?

IMCD delivers, does with it Q1’s Better than unanimity and leave Russia

KPN works better than expected with Q1’s Holds the view:

Meaning beats with it Q1’s Forecasts, have all kinds of problems, but she says the 2022 outlook is close at hand.

Corbyn reports in her country Q1’s More sales, but less EBITA. The company says higher prices are by pricing.

Not yet seen, Brunel is also in and leaving Russia:

Heijmans has issues, but is sticking with his predictions for 2022 Q1’s

A little more and then you’ll be back in full swing :;

News, short tips and agenda

The top ABM Financial news since the Amsterdam lockdown yesterday too intertrust Philips acceleration JDE House And Eas2Pay

  • 07:50 Correction: Significance exceeds expectations
  • 07:46 Heijmans sticks to expectations
  • 07:45 Intertrust dives into the red numbers
  • 07:38 Strong growth for IMCD
  • 07:32 Bessie shows growth
  • 07:24 Corbion reports higher turnover
  • 07:21 Significance beyond expectations
  • Dutch producer prices rose sharply 06:57
  • 06:56 Dutch retail sales rise
  • 06:49 European stocks open higher
  • April 28 Gilad lowers its forecast
  • April 28, Apple exceeds expectations
  • April 28 Amazon dives into the red numbers
  • April 28, contributor Moneta sees Accell’s bid too low – media
  • April 28 stock update: AEX on Wall Street
  • April 28 technical demand for Wall Street green
  • Oil price hike on April 28
  • April 28 Philips issues $2 billion in bonds
  • April 28 more business volume Ease2pay
  • April 28 Wall Street is trading at higher levels
  • April 28 What does AEX do in May? vote!
  • April 28 European shares closed higher
  • April 28 JDE Peet’s Board Changes
  • April 28 Tech Helps AEX In The Saddle

AFM reports this shorts And what is the laundry list:

The agenda as the weather swells:

  • 08:00 PC Numbers Q1
  • 08:00 Heijmans Q1 numbers
  • 08:00 Brunel Q1 numbers
  • 08:00 denotes Q1 numbers
  • 08:00 Corbion Q1 numbers
  • 08:00 Intertrust Q1 numbers
  • 09:00 German GDP, first quarter
  • 09:00 Spanish GDP Q1 + 1.4% QoQ
  • 10:00 Italy GDP – Q1 + 0.5% qoq
  • 11:00 CPI for EU inflation, April + 6.6% annually
  • 14:30 US Personal Spending, March + 0.7% MoM
  • 16:00 US Consumer Confidence Michigan April

then this


China is going up:


Oh my God:

Bloomberg says:

Who we have here:

Tomorrow is the famous shareholder meeting:

Enjoy and good luck today.

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