March 31, 2023

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America’s hatred of China is at its peak

In the United States, 82 percent of people now have a negative opinion About ChinaAs a result, US hatred of China has reached an all-time high. This is according to a Pew Research Center report based on a study of more than 3,500 American adults in March.

The Researchers 40% of Americans now have a very negative opinion of China. This unfavorable position is particularly noticeable among conservative Americans.


Negative attitudes towards China in the United States have increased sharply over the past five years. The event may be linked to tensions surrounding trade, national security, human rights and the outbreak of the corona epidemic.

However, researchers point out that China existed Rather than being a rival rather than an adversary Named. For 62 percent of Americans, China is the primary competitor, and 25 percent see Asia as the primary adversary. Another 10 percent consider China a partner.

Significantly, in January, only 54 percent of those surveyed saw China as a primary competitor, while nearly 35 percent described the country as a primary adversary. The latter figures show a situation compared to the previous year.

The researchers argued that especially in Republican circles Very negative comments about China Circling. Of these groups, 89 percent seem to have a negative image of China, compared to 79 percent in democratic circles.

Economic problems

Differences only increase when economic issues are discussed. Republican respondents are more likely to report poor economic relations between the two countries. It was also a place where strong support could be found for a tough economic policy towards the Asian country.

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In addition, it has been established that most Americans still regard their country as the largest world power, but China’s progress is also clear. 42 percent of respondents, China The world’s leading economic power ஆக. It was 11 percentage points higher than it was two years ago.

19 percent say China has now become the world’s most important military power. This represents a 13 percent increase.

The study found large differences in attitudes towards China between older and younger Americans. Older Americans are more likely to have a negative view of China. They are more likely to talk about the bad relationship between the two countries, and more likely to describe China as the enemy.

The impact of the age difference is particularly significant when discussing relations between China and Taiwan. Among Americans over the age of 65, 52 percent identify tensions between China and Taiwan as a particularly serious problem. However, among those aged eighteen and twenty-nine, that number drops to 26 percent.