Sony announces new games in the State of Play broadcast on Wednesday evening – Games – News

I’m still hoping to get an update to the missing options on the PS4. Show all games instead. View patch notes for ps5 games. Create folders. Your own background (or at least a static background) rather than this ever-changing hassle. Moreover, there is a more logical menu like a more logical place for prizes and friends. I would still like to also swap the ps button in terms of functionality.

As an add-on, for example, I’d like to be able to mark saved games or add notes. In the cloud I would like to be able to store more savegames instead of overwriting the same file. Or just make local copies of the saved game. In the store a simple button for what has been released (so no pre-orders) and more consistency. For example, some games do not have a VR picture while others do. Then be able to see how many players and if VR is needed in the same place. This may sometimes go between the three columns for information.

And 2 minor bug fixes. Once you’ve modified something in the filters (like I’m now sorting from new to old and only showing released games) and you open a game and go back to the list, the sort button is selected. You have to go to the right again to select the games. I also have a problem when I sort my wishlist from cheap to expensive that I sometimes see the same game on the list once or twice.

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