June 9, 2023

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Gaat Leontine verhuizen?

Leontine Responds to Home: Moving Home?

Leontine responded via Facebook to a house in the village of Zwanenburg. After the divorce with Marco, their shared home in Blaricum was replaced by a rented villa in Gooische Huizen. There’s no shortage of luxury, but why would a Leontine care another home?

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Marco Borsato left his home in Blaricum after the divorce. At that time, Leontyn and the children continued to live there, but later also left the house. Leontine rents a detached house in Gooische Huizen for 3950 euros per month. Huge amount, but she also gets a lot in return. Living space of more than 203 square meters with a total of six rooms.

Why bother with a five-ton house?

So it is remarkable that Leontine has responded home. Someone reports on Facebook that there is a house for sale in Zwanenburg, to which Leontine replies: “Send you a private message via Instagram dm. Love.”

Leontine seems to be interested in the house. It is not clear if it was for herself or an acquaintance. The house is for sale for a large amount, that is, 495,000 euros.

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