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Home Assistant logo (75px) Home Assistant Core Version 2023.3.0 released. Home Assistant Core is an open source home automation platform built in Python 3. It runs via Hassbian on your Raspberry Pi 3, Linux, macOS or Windows. It supports detectors, such as Philips Hue, Belkin WeMo switches, and Mr. Coffee makers, Ikea smart switches and mqtt protocol. In addition, where possible, it can control these devices and apply automation. For more information about the Home Assistant, we refer to This page And our forum. The full release notes for this version are here to find; This ad is from:

2023.3: Dialogues!

February was short, which made for a short release cycle, but… that didn’t stop anyone from stuffing this release with tons of cool improvements! Since the version title is the most convenient, most of the features of this version appear in dialog boxes. New dialogs, redesigned dialogs, new features that appear in dialogs, and all kinds of new dialogs you can get with Assist. Something with “dialogues” all over these release notes!

Besides dialogs, this release introduces three new integrations, updates to Thread and Matter, and an impressive list of other noteworthy changes. My personal favorite in this build is undoubtedly the all-new restart dialog. It brings the right selection, less navigation, and looks stylish! I really like and enjoy the result. Enjoy the release!

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