Little Big Russia isn’t safe in their country, but they can’t do much in Europe | music

Little Big Russia isn't safe in their country, but they can't do much in Europe |  music

يقرر Prusikin و Tayurskaya مغادرة المنزل والموقد في موسكو. غادروا في البداية إلى دبي ، لكنهم استقروا في النهاية في مدينة لوس أنجلوس الأمريكية.

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Termination of contracts after raid

Not only do they have to leave their homes, but they also have to leave a significant part of their careers. Before the war, they were among the most popular Russian musical acts. Many of their videos have been viewed hundreds of millions of times on YouTube.

By having to leave Russia, they are saying goodbye not only to a small part of their team, but also to a large part of their audience. Several decades have been resolved. As a result, the band suddenly had a much smaller budget.

“We’ve built something up all our lives, and now we have to start over. But of course it’s nothing compared to what the Ukrainian people are going through,” affirmed Prosikin and Tyurskaya.

The duo tries to look at it from the positive side. “We have shown ourselves that we can handle this, which gives us confidence in the future. We are ready for any challenge.”

Festivals, club tour and new album by Little Big

In one generation cancel, which the duo released last year, let Little Big hear politics in music. They again spoke out against the war. The new album is not necessarily affected by the war. There’s a number on it Refugee (Refugee, ed.) is called, but this is about people, not politics.

A first US tour is planned for 2023. A number of festivals in Europe follow in the summer. The European Pop Lounges tour should begin at the end of September, though the question remains as to where Little Big can go. On April 1, the group will release a single for their 10th anniversary.

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