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Northgard’s Shiro Games has revealed the first screenshots of Dune: Spice Wars. The upcoming real-time strategy game is based on the dune world and should be playable as an early access title later this year.

Shiro Games is showing the first images of the game in the trailer. As expected, there is a lot of sand to be seen on the planet Arrakis. On this planet, you have to secure a supply of precious spices and of course you are not the only one trying.

To conquer territories, Shiro Games seem to be borrowing items from the other rts, Northgard. The surface of the planet can be explored and controlled area by area, pushing your limits even further. You play with factions led by well-known characters from the dune world. At this time, Duke Leto of House Atreides and Baron Vladimir of House Harkonnen were proclaimed.

In addition to managing settlements and units, the game also gets political elements and you can spy on enemies. In addition, the trailer shows that you are not only competing against other factions, but there are also enemies under the sands of the planet who can wipe your units off the map.

Shiro . Games announce Dune: Spice Wars arrived last December, shortly after the release of the new Dune movie. The goal is for the game to enter early access later this year, when the game will be further developed. The game is expected to remain in Early Access for about a year before the official release.

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