Splatoon 3 breaks Japanese sales records three days after its launch

I went in with Splatoon 2 (I didn’t have a wii-u) and that was a really genius experience. Even for people who play “harder” FPS games like Doom / UT / Splitgate etc.
I played a lot of Turf War, super fun.

the same for me. I think there are enough changes to call it a new version. The online part in particular has been significantly improved. Take for example the new lobby, the way to buy weapons and badges, many new weapons and Tricolor grass war. In this sense, it is similar to the new Call of Duty, but a little more than that.

WOW effect! Much less than I had with 2. In principle it still looks like Splatoon 2, but that’s almost impossible.

But everything I’ve seen so far from Splatoon 3 MP on Youtube is “more of the same” about Turf War – it could have just been an expansion pack. Expansion packs also work fine on the adapter (See Mario Kart 8)

And I think it’s a shame, that they had to make a completely new stylus entry.

The base game has changed somewhat, so I think that’s almost impossible. I just think Nintendo would have liked to release Splatoon 3 on new hardware (so not just on the OLED version).

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