King Charles is also the head of state for 14 other countries, but for how long? | Royal family

King Charles is also the head of state for 14 other countries, but for how long?  |  Royal family

أناند مينون ، أستاذ العلاقات الدولية في كينجز كوليدج لندن ، يتحدث مع الصباح أن الدوافع الاقتصادية تلعب دورًا أيضًا. "بسبب ما لا يزال بإمكاننا تقديمه لهم ، لا أرى سوى تغيير طفيف في الوقت الحالي." في السنوات الأخيرة ، يبدو أن التركيز داخل الكومنولث قد تحول أكثر من المصالح الاقتصادية إلى قضايا مثل حقوق الإنسان أو الاستدامة.

The head of state has no power, only a ceremonial duty

Marcella also points out that the monarchy no longer has any political influence. “It was not the same as before, when the king decided everything. The position is now purely ceremonial.” Elizabeth, for example, appears on coins and stamps in countries where she was officially the head of state.

A possible debate about whether or not to retain the British monarch is not a priority in many member countries. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern (42) said on Monday she is convinced her country will no longer have the British monarch at the head of state during her lifetime. She immediately added that her government would in no way discuss the matter, as it “does not feel the urgency”.

However, Britain’s first change of throne in seventy years appears to be the time for nations to reconsider the position of head of state. “The death of the Queen may reopen the debate in some countries about whether they still want the king as head of state,” Menon said. the morning. “Some emerging non-European powers are a little disappointed with the organisation.”

Attack Magic with William and Catherine

According to Marcella, “out of respect for the recently deceased Queen and grieving Charles” it will take some time before the discussion really breaks out. “At the moment, the common grief between nations is uniting. But that fades over time, and then it becomes interesting how the discussion develops.”

“Elizabeth has always been an icon,” Marcella says. “But as she is getting older, she no longer takes any trips herself. It can be difficult for people: you have a head of state, but you never see her. With Charles, he will visit the head of state again. Perhaps this vision will renew the love for the royal family. It ignites instead of discussion.”

When Charles visits the countries he now heads, he would be wise to take Crown Prince William and his wife Catherine with him. Marcela: “They are more famous than him, so he is very suitable for a magic attack. It also gives a sense of continuity: the back is already ready.” Whether this is enough, time will tell.

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