Girl (14 years old) turns her school notes into real works of art | abroad

Girl (14 years old) turns her school notes into real works of art |  abroad

“I’ve been doing it since my freshman year of high school,” Amaryllis from St. Pauls, Belgium, told Het Neufsblade. She is in the third year of her school in Saint Niklas. “It really helps with learning. I have a visual memory, and these drawings serve as a kind of memory. I remember pictures and know what to call things.”

Amaryllis takes a lot of time to make detailed drawings. For example, you draw parts of the body or a cross section of the floor. Even sometimes she likes her drawings more than the ones in the books. “I do it mainly in science subjects, and it is a little more difficult with languages. Although I can also draw items of clothing, for example, to help remember French words.”

Amaryllis has already received positive feedback from her classmates. But since the biology teacher posted some of her pictures on Facebook, the rest of the world knows how well amaryllis can draw. “I also paint in my spare time, it’s really a hobby,” says Amaryllis, who sometimes puts a drawing on her Instagram page. “Whether I want to do more with her later, I don’t know yet.”

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