Shaka Hislop: ESPN’s soccer analyst is ‘OK’ after collapsing on air, co-host says


Xhaka Hislop before collapsing on air ahead of the friendly match between AC Milan and Real Madrid on Sunday.


ESPN football analyst Shaka Hislop is “fine” and sober after collapsing mid-air About six minutes before AC Milan’s friendly match with Real Madrid kicks off at the Rose Bowl in California on Sunday, according to its co-host.

Hislop was on camera alongside his co-host Dan Thomas, who was speaking during the pre-game coverage when Hislop stumbled forward, collided with Thomas and fell to the ground, video shows.

Thomas is seen immediately calling for medical staff before the broadcast is cut to commercials.

“Get well,” commentator Adrian Healy said on the sports networks that broadcast the game. “I didn’t witness the incident…but I’m sure it was unsettling. We were told in final terms that he was fine.”

Shortly after the incident, Thomas chirp that “Xhaka is conscious. The paramedics are taking care of him.”

Thomas later added that while his co-host was fine, It was “too early for any kind of medical diagnosis”.

“Obviously my buddy Xhaka – not here but as he is, it’s good news,” said Thomas at half time. “He’s conscious, he’s talking.”

He added, “We spoke to his family as well because you imagine seeing that happen live, there can’t be too much that can scare you between family members… We spoke to his wife and things seem to be going well.”

Hislop is a former goalkeeper who played for Newcastle United and West Ham United others during his 15-year career, while also being a starter for the Trinidad and Tobago men’s national team during the World Cup in 2006. He retired in 2007 after a season with MLS side FC Dallas.

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The temperature in Pasadena, where the Rose Bowl is located, was about 86 degrees Sunday night.

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