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Home Assistant users can set the app’s new voice assistant as the default Android assistant. The voice assistant is also in the app itself and will be there local Wear OS support.

Smartphone platform users can set Assist, as the Assistant is called, as Android’s default digital assistant Type Makers. This is similar to how you invoke Google Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa. The function can therefore be invoked via the lock screen or from the home screen by pressing and holding the power button.

To set up Assist, users have to install the official Home Assistant app. This app will also receive an update that makes it possible to invoke Assist from anywhere in the app.

Home Assistant announced Assist earlier this year, in what the company called the “Year of Voice.” How does the assistant want to pay more attention to voice control in 2023. Earlier this year, it released a chat function that allowed users to control their connected devices with commands. Its voice assistant called Assist followed in April and can now be used in Android.

Improvements have also been made to the current assistant. Users can now through the user interface menu Their own Catalysts for processing. This allows users to specify which voice commands should perform an action. It was possible before, but only via yaml file. The voice assistant now also has full support for the Wear OS smartwatch platform.

Assist can still be run in several languages, including Dutch. There is nothing now I wake upbut this will be the next step according to the developers.

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