Samsung’s share of the smartphone market continues to erode Technique

Samsung's share of the smartphone market continues to erode  Technique
Apple is increasingly catching up with Samsung in market share in the smartphone market, according to figures from market researchers. Canales. Of all smartphones sold, 20% are Samsung phones and 17% are iPhones.

Apple and Samsung saw their global market share decline last year. In Samsung, the decrease was by two percentage points, and in Apple by one percentage point.

The market shares of the three largest smartphone manufacturers are approaching. Xiaomi ranks third with a 14 percent market share. This share has not changed.

The smartphone market has been shrinking since the beginning of last year. According to the market researcher, consumers are spending less money on products like smartphones. This is due, among other things, to high inflation rates and concerns about economic recession.

According to Canalys, 1 percent fewer smartphones were sold worldwide between July and September. The European smartphone market in particular is witnessing a rapid contraction. Last month, a market researcher reported that 13 percent fewer smartphones were likely to be sold in Europe this year.

However, Canales does not see the future bleak. The market researcher expects 132 million smartphones to be sold in Europe next year. This represents a growth of 7 percent. Elsewhere, market researchers are already seeing a recovery.

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