Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: The much-needed warmth between all the superheroes

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: The much-needed warmth between all the superheroes

Spider-Man stumbles through the air on a string. There is a shop owner who is upset by a criminal who keeps spraying ugly graffiti on the walls, and he knows it. But when he landed, he found no sad faces: just a happy landlord, an artistic mural, and a deaf young woman. With happy hand gestures she tells him who the young graffiti artist is: a natural talent who was simply at a loss with herself. She is a savior who connects her with love.

The superhero studio Marvel seems to have forgotten in its films what makes the original comics unique – the films bring all the superheroes together and settle their stories into a unified work. While individual superheroes in comics have their own themes; They are about something specific. the game Marvel Spider-Man 2 Balanced by strong acting and a remarkable understanding of the source material. The makers of game studio Insomniac know exactly who Spider-Man is, and why he’s important. This game puts us in New York, in the consciousness of society, in the daily struggles of good people, and in the true stories of Spider-Man. It’s a much-needed injection of warmth into a genre that has become cold and commercial.

Together they are strong

The first game revolves around the classic Spider-Man, Peter Parker, a white twenty-something from Queens who loves photography and science. In the expansion pack Miles Morales Miles added the Afro-Latino teenager, a music lover trying to follow in his late father’s footsteps. Spider-Man 2 Their lives and stories intertwine, without hierarchy: they are both Spider-Man. They are strong together, especially since their loved ones now know what to do with their uniforms at night and help them wherever they can.

Then Harry, Peter’s best friend, returns after a long illness. He is overjoyed, but Harry’s sudden improvement in health is not without consequences. What follows is a new interpretation of the classic Spider-Man story about a symbiotic alien that can form around people like a suit. Almost every version of Spider-Man has tried to tell this story at some point, most recently in comic strips Poisonmovies – but with the addition of Miles and his family, the nuances change dramatically and it feels new again. The alien poison here is a symbol of the way bitterness can sever our connection with our community. The only cure is understanding.

As in the first part, the story is greatly aided by the attention to physicality and movement. Of course, it’s still cool to move across New York hanging on those long ropes of spider silk; The animation is smooth and fun. But it’s the subtle differences between Miles and Peter that give you the feeling that you’re embodying two different Spider-Men. Peter moves like a classical ballet dancer with long movements, while Miles is more technically impressive than in the animated film In the spider verse Which he presented to the general public. Even when they hang out together, they never look alike.

Fighting is like dancing

Little has changed at the base. Sometimes the missions are challenging puzzles, where you have to sneak around large areas and take out enemies stealthily by entangling them with nets or knocking them unconscious from above. Combat still flows like a dance, as you roll over or under enemies, latch onto them with your webs, and fly to an enemy on the other side of the field with the press of a button. You can use technology to temporarily sideline enemies, and both Miles and Peter also have their own powers that can provide amazing moments at times.

For this reason, it’s a shame that the game’s final act descends into an endless series of battles against large, hulking enemies that are a far cry from the street level Spider-Man belongs to. The game becomes repetitive, removing those smooth movements, as if you were dancing with a wall. Until the game brings you back to the city, puts you in Miles’ shoes, and saves a local museum – as befits Spider-Man.

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