Gerard van Massacker almost agreed to show the album: “I know you!”

Gerard van Maasakkers

Gerard van Massacker was 28 when he presented his debut album Komt er mer in at Buurthuis ‘t Hof in Bergeijk in 1978. The album became world famous in Brabant with the hit “Hee gaode mee”. 45 years later, memories of that period have resurfaced: “I never thought I’d keep doing this now.”

“Jeez, that was 45 years ago, I thought to myself today,” the now 73-year-old accent singer looks back. “What was it like then? Yeah, I remember that,” Van Massacker begins.

“The night before our show at Mierlo, where my bandmates and I drank a lot.” On the way home, all the bobs are stopped by the police. They threw big flashlights into their truck.

“I actually had my record in that truck. I held it in front of my face,” he laughs. The agent replied, “I know you!” “keep driving, You About to go home.”

“Then I thought everyone was happy with an album like this.”

The next day, van Massaker is standing with little eyes at Buurthuis ‘t Hof in Bergeijk. “It was all new to me, I had just graduated. Then I thought it was very normal for everyone to be happy with such an album. I now know that’s not an axiom.”

The community center ‘t Hof is the predecessor of the current theater De Kattendans. Youp van ‘t Hek loved to perform there in the 1970s, with the tradition of sticking to extended stays in Brabant for the night.

Van Massaker wouldn’t make the anniversary of “Komt er Mer in” too colorful. “I’ll do it next year, on my birthday tour,” he says. On the occasion of his 75th birthday, a tour is planned for 2024, during which Van Massackers will visit the theaters of Brabant with his entire work.

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