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It has many features.

Over the past 20 years, China has grown tremendously as it has become part of the World Trade Organization.

When joining the WTO, there are rules you must adhere to:…is_e/what_stand_for_e.htm

Startup Trading
Predictability and transparency
Fair competition
Support to least developed countries
Environmental protection
Digital commerce

Well, you can’t expect a country to change in 5 years, but you want to see progress where they take the rules seriously, but after 10 years you can start complaining, then Xi came to power, he went completely opposite. Direction..

To oversimplify it: we’re going to play a game of soccer, and we think we all agree to play with our feet, but I (China) take the ball and score every time. At a certain point you’re done with it, say something about it, keep doing it even though I promise I won’t do it again, and then start whining about how unfair you are.

Here is a more detailed explanation of how the WTO works.…-wto-commitments-and-its/

Then there is the area of ​​Taiwan, Uighur and so on, but the specific restrictions are a combination of gross abuse of the WTO and promotion of military-civilian integration.

“Military-civilian fusion” or MCF is a radical, national strategy of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Its
The goal is to enable the PRC to build the world’s most technologically advanced military. as a name
A key part of the MCF is to remove barriers between China’s civilian research and business.
Departments and its military and defense industrial sectors. The CCP is not alone in implementing this strategy
Its own research and development efforts, but also the acquisition and diversion of the world’s cutting-edge
technologies – including stealth – to achieve military supremacy.…-wto-commitments-and-its/

Why would the US help the CCP?

Once the CCP has better war technology than the US can handle, it’s clear that China will take over Taiwan (you can still debate whether it falls under China or not, but, for example, the South China Sea they actually have 0.0 rights to).

This is also the reason why Chinese companies buy chips that are not yet fully cut.

If you’re imposing a ban, this is the right way to use it.

Describe: We don’t want a hostile country to outsmart us militarily by buying technology from our own companies.
Any technology: What is not allowed for export and not a blanket ban on all exports is neatly described.
Chips not covered by these rules may still be sold.

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