Sam Huggins corrects an issue with Peter Umtzigt about the mother

Sam Huggins corrects an issue with Peter Umtzigt about the mother

Lots of good conversations today. However, the camera crew thought it necessary to ring my 82-year-old mother’s doorbell with mic and light at the ready,” Peter wrote. She didn’t let them in and told them that. However, the team kept pressing until I gave up. It would be nice if we didn’t cross certain boundaries.

in inside today Sam calls it a “painful story” on Monday night, but according to him, Peter’s tweet is untrue. Sam says one of his colleagues was already in Bourne on Monday to report on the founder of the new political party The New Social Contract, but she wouldn’t have surprised Peter’s mum with the moving camera. She was still in the car, says Sam. “I went to the door and asked if she wanted to cooperate. That woman was surprised, but after I made it clear to her we wanted to do a nice report on Peter, she said, ‘Come on.'”

After Omtzigt’s tweet, there was a conversation between the reporter and the politician. “It turns out that sometimes it’s less obvious than it seems,” says Sam. “So we’re not going to air that interview. It was painful, but it’s now resolved.”

Peter has also responded to this question. “An appropriate response from the journalist who called immediately. Thanks. There is some difference of opinion on the exact story, but I really appreciate the response.”

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