Whamageddon winners celebrate, often the supermarket is the culprit

Whamageddon winners celebrate, often the supermarket is the culprit

Many people have had success with this, a short research shows. Hermine, for example, will proudly drink stewed pears with shrimp cocktail. She wrote on Twitter: “I won Christmas! Never heard of last Christmas!” However, she does not hate the song. “To celebrate, I’ll do nothing all day but listen to last Christmas. After all, I have some catching up to do.”

Twitter user Fredje is also happy to be the winner: “#hmageddon Playing outside. Lost two days later last year. And Susie: “Wmageddon! I won!”

All consecutive rules below:

Richard Arts was less fortunate. He was a fanatical participant and wrote on Thursday that he needed another day to come out as a winner. “I hope I haven’t gotten it wrong now,” he added.

And so he went. a look at Richard’s Twitter page He says enough. “You must get it from your friends…#Whamageddon”

Supermarket, Skyradio, all you need is love

But of course Richard wasn’t the only one who didn’t pass this month without hearing the famous song. The place where many people have found Waterloo is the supermarket, as you can see in the posts below:

The radio was, of course, the source of the Whamageddon players’ elimination. Well, you can expect that when you switch to Skyradio, but still. An error occurred with these participants:

And do you know what not to do when playing Whamageddon? All you need is a love of watching. Richard did this:

But not all radio stations have put you at risk in recent weeks. True fanatics tuned in to Kink radio, as they guaranteed Christmas without Wham, to give Whamageddon players every chance of a Merry Christmas. And this turned these players into winners in the end:

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