Infections are increasing in Aruba, Curaçao, Bonaire and St Maarten

Infections are increasing in Aruba, Curaçao, Bonaire and St Maarten

In the week of December 16-22, 941 people on the kingdom’s six islands received a positive test result. According to RIVM, this is an increase of 116 percent over the previous week. Curaçao reported the largest number of new infections last week with 425 new positive test results.

Between December 22 and Christmas Day, another 540 people were added to Curaçao and tested positive. Health authorities confirmed on Friday that an omikron variant of the coronavirus had also been detected in Curaçao.

Curaçao wants to prevent another surge by giving everyone on the island aged 18 or over a booster dose as quickly as possible.

Aruba and Bonaire

The incidence is in Aruba (294 people per 100,000 inhabitants) and Curaçao (259 people per 100,000 inhabitants).
population) and St Maarten (117 people per 100,000 inhabitants) rose sharply last week.

In Bonaire (319 people per 100,000 inhabitants) the infection increased again last week after a sharp decline over the past month. The Omikron variant was discovered in several samples in Aruba last week in local microbiota monitoring by PCR.

The variant was detected in both tourists and local residents with no travel history, and is a strong indication of local transmission of the affected variant on the island. Microbial surveillance will be intensified on all islands in the coming weeks.

Saba in Statia

Last week, three new covid19 infections were reported in Saba. On Christmas Day, that number doubled to six. No new infections were reported in Saint Eustatius last week.

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