9to5Google Shares Details About Android eSIM Transfer via QR Code – Tablets & Phones – News

9to5Google has accessed a not yet working Android function that allows users to transfer an eSIM to another device. Google said it is already working on such a functionality, but has not yet shared details of how it will work.

9to5Google shares the first images From the upcoming eSIM transfer feature for Android, the base of which is already hidden in Google Play Services. This shows, among other things, that the function works on the basis of QR codes. Users can scan the QR code on their new device with their old phone, after which the eSIM will be transferred. It is not currently possible to transfer an eSIM between two Android smartphones. The feature is not currently working yet, 9to5Google wrote.

Google announced earlier this year that it is working on porting the eSIM to Android. The company will build this feature on GSMA standards and launch it “later this year.” The tech giant did not share any other details. Apple previously provided an option to transfer the eSIM between two iPhones. It is not known when exactly the Google feature will become available.

The upcoming eSIM transfer feature for Android. source: 9to5Google

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