Rutte refuses to overthrow the unvaccinated | the interior

Rutte refuses to overthrow the unvaccinated |  the interior

“The complicated thing is, of course, you want to continue to convince as many unvaccinated people as possible to do that,” Root said Saturday during the VVD’s online conference. “I think if you put this too hard, you risk that people who are still considering a vaccine will think: ‘Yeah, I’m being pushed into that corner anyway, so why do I still have to do that?'” “

Rutte says if he was not prime minister, he would probably go further. “I think I’ll feel more free after that.” The prime minister fears further polarization of the country with a harsh approach. “Where some say the leadership now is to speak out against the unvaccinated, my choice is to lead here to make sure we keep it all together.”

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It is noteworthy that Minister Corona de Jong turned against the unvaccinated during the press conference on Friday evening. I think that in political debate and social debate we circumvent an inconvenient truth with a very big bow. It was not necessary to cancel the operations if 100% of the people were vaccinated. The anti-coronavirus minister said that the fact that we now have to take such drastic measures would not have been necessary – or to a completely different extent – had everyone been vaccinated.

Ruti denies the existence of some kind of “good cop-bad cop” agreement whereby De Jonge takes a hard line on vulnerable people, and he doesn’t. “I think he is less able to hold back than I am now. That is her strength as well. But we think the same.”

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