China and the United States are coming together with a climate report

China and the United States are coming together with a climate report

China and the United States will work together to combat climate change in the current decade. China’s chief negotiator Xie Zhenhua and his U.S. colleague John Kerry made the remarks during a climate summit in Glasgow on Wednesday evening, according to international news agencies. In a joint statement, the two countries said they “recognize the gravity and urgency of the climate crisis.” Among other things, countries want to cooperate in reducing greenhouse gases CO₂ and methane.

China and the United States are the world’s largest economies and the largest emitters of CO₂ globally. Prior to the climate summit, it was feared that the two countries would not be able to work together. Even during the summit, a deal was far from over. Earlier the Chinese delegation was on display To Bloomberg News Agency He knew that a deal on methane reduction was not possible.

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Climate scientists have been told that the two countries will now fight climate change as an important symbolic measure. A step that can contribute to finding agreement about ‘Paris Rulebook’To implement the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement.

China’s climate ambassador Xie said China would tighten its targets to reduce CO₂ emissions and that both countries would do more against deforestation. When asked, Kerry again pledged for the Paris Agreement. UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres Welcomed the announced cooperation Between China and the United States.

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