March 25, 2023

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FIA voert veranderingen door:

FIA Makes Changes: ‘Minor Damage No Longer Violations’

According to Alan Berman, Alpine’s sporting director, the FIA ​​has decided that there will be less waving of the black and orange flag in future. This was in response to the hanging mirror controversy Fernando Alonso In America.

During the United States Grand Prix, Alonso was involved in an accident Lance walksHe lost one of his glasses. The Spaniard was not cautioned by the FIA, despite the glass hanging loose for a while and Alonso driving without it for a while. Alonso eventually crossed the finish line in seventh, followed by the group Rabbit Filed an objection. After much deliberation, the stewards agreed with Haas, after which Alonso was given a stop-and-go penalty. The Alpine team disagreed and went to the FIA, who decided to change the penalty.

“It was great to get that result and I’m very happy and pleased that it worked out between us and the FIA,” Bermane said. “We have [op vrijdag] There were some positive discussions with the FIA ​​technical department and I think they agreed that things had gone a bit too far.” Actions to be taken: “The way Fernando drove, he deserves seventh place,” insists the engineer.

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Changes will come

According to the Alpine chief executive, the FIA ​​has decided to make the changes now in the hope of avoiding such debates in the future. “Henceforth, glass or a small damage The final plate – If unstructured like break line – no longer seen as a black/orange flag violation. It’s still going on and I’m sure we’re on it Technical Advisory Committee And this Sports Advisory Committee They will talk a lot about. But a small line has been drawn in the sand and hopefully it will improve the race,” he concludes.

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